A New History of Islam by James Baldwin, by Salman Rushdie

Muslim Business Bookshop, one of the most prominent British Islamic bookshops, was founded by an Oxford graduate who was studying Islam, then living in New York City.

He later changed his name to James Baldwin in the mid-1980s, but he had a passion for the Islamic faith and was not afraid to offend his customers.

In his book, “The New Muslim: The History of Islamic Business from Its Beginning to the Present,” Baldwin traces the roots of British Islamic business.

It is the book that has led to many Muslims being welcomed into Britain, especially those who had been discriminated against by British society.

His book, published in 2018, includes an introduction by Sheikh Ahmed al-Nuraimi, a British imam who helped found the International Centre for Islamic Thought.

Baldwin said the book was about celebrating Islam and was intended to be a “safe space for those who may feel uncomfortable.”

“We have seen many times in history how the people who are persecuted by their own country and those who are discriminated against are able to find a way to survive,” Baldwin said.

“In this book, James Baldwin is writing a way of celebrating the people of the Muslim faith in Britain.”

The book’s subtitle was “The Great Muslim Entrepreneur.”

The name “James Baldwin” comes from the “James” character in the James Bond film “Casino Royale,” according to the book’s introduction.

The title “The Muslim Business Owner” refers to Baldwin’s former business partner, who was later killed in a plane crash in 1984.

Baldwin and his business partner were married in 1983.

The book is available online for $10.95.

The “Muslim Business Owner.”

(Courtesy of James Baldwin) The book “Muslim Entrepreneur” (Courtesy James Baldwin).

Baldwin was born in Liverpool in 1926 and moved to Oxford in 1939.

Baldwin was elected president of the Oxford Union in 1957.

His son, James B, served as the union president in 1959.

Baldwin’s business interests included a chain of clothing stores called the “Baldwin Brothers,” which Baldwin started selling his products from, and his role as chairman of the Board of the Islamic Cultural Centre.

Baldwin died in 2016.

He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Diana, and three children.

His brother, the late Malcolm, died in 2008.

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