How to turn a blank page into a book at work

As a parent, you know what it’s like to have a blank space in your schedule and not know what to do with it.

If you’re reading this, you probably have it somewhere.

As a business owner, you may be wondering what you can do to turn an empty page into something useful.

We talked to business book author and mother-of-three, Jill Kavanagh, who shared a few tips to help you create some new and exciting business books.

Read moreBusiness book author Jill Kavannah has created some new business books for her own home and office using blank pages and blank email addresses.

When you’re busy or bored, you’ll want to take time to create some business books and share them with others. 

“My children loved reading it and it was a great idea to share it with them,” said Kavans daughter, Olivia, who also helped out with the business book project.

“It was a nice little gift, and I think it could be a great resource to have for my kids as they get older.”

I wanted to try to keep it as simple as possible.

“When creating a business book for your kids, keep the following tips in mind:Do not use blank business addresses.

Do not include anything about yourself in the book.

You can’t include your phone number, email address, or anything else.

You should also avoid using your phone numbers and email addresses in business books because you don’t want anyone to think you’re a spammer.

You might want to avoid using phone numbers, email addresses, or any other personal information, such as social security numbers, for business books as well.

Don’t use email addresses or social security number information in business book marketing materials.

Do not ask your kids for any personal information in the business books that could potentially be used to identify you.

Do your best to avoid asking for or asking permission for any contact information in your business book.

Ask your kids to sign your business books so you know you’re not using your address to send emails, send business cards, or otherwise contact them.

Do everything in your power to make sure your business is available to your kids when they need it.

Do you have any other tips to share with your kids on how to turn blank pages into business books?

Let us know in the comments below.

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