Business ideas: The best business books of 2017

Business ideas from the best business book publishers, including a selection of bestsellers by the bestselling authors, are below.

The Post has a book publishing history that includes more than 1,000 years of titles.

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Business titles that you might find useful:This is a good place to start if you’re looking for the best ideas for your business book:• Business books by David H. Koch (CEO, Koch Industries) and Warren Buffett (Founder and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway)• Business ideas by Bill Gates (Founders of Microsoft)• How to launch a startup, business plan, business model, or business strategy book• How best to create an engaging website, business card, or blog page, business marketing guide, business newsletter, business newsletters, business strategy, or other business marketing book• Business idea templates to use for your own business ideas, or to help you create ideas for other businesses• Business plan templates to create business plan templates, business business plan template, business project templates, or a business project template• Business advice and advice on how to get your business started, how to run a business, and other business advice• Business story templates to tell stories about your business or how to create a business• Business strategy templates for business plans, plans, or any other business strategy or project• Business development, sales, and marketing books, business cards, business magazines, and more, including the best of The Washington Times• Best business ideas by the best authors, including Michael Sam’s book, “The Gift: A New American Promise”• Best books to get started with, including The Washington Business Book of the Year and Business Idea of the Week, and The Washington Best Business Book from the Publishers Weekly.• Best book marketing, PR, and sales books for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small business professionals.• Business training, training, and product reviews for entrepreneurs and small businesses.• Product ideas for business owners and small-business owners.• Book covers, business templates, and business news articles for business and lifestyle books.• All business books, including business ideas from The Washington Monthly and The Hill, and books by the top authors of The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Today, the Washington Post, and others.• The best books on business and life advice, including best business advice from The Atlantic’s Charles Duhigg, Business Insider’s Jason Furman, and the Business Insider Best Books list from the Entrepreneur magazine.• Books on entrepreneurship, marketing, and entrepreneurship education, including how to start, grow, and run a small business, how-to guides, business school courses, and career and entrepreneurship guides.• And more.

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