The top 10 books for entrepreneurs

By David Shirk, USA TODAY The top ten books for founders are getting shorter and easier to read, but the authors of these titles are still getting the spotlight.

Here are the top 10 for entrepreneurs.1.

The Four Pillars of Success by David Karp & Associates (2013)2.

The Startup Bible by The Lean Startup (2014)3.

The 5-Minute Rule by Eric Ries & Co. (2015)4.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Jeff Klepper (2015)*5.

Achieving Your Passion by Michael Jordan (2018)6.

The 3-Step Path to Productivity by David Allen & Co (2018)*7.

The Power of Productivity: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Done by Steven Levy (2018*)8.

The 12-Week Program to Create the Ultimate Workout by Tim Ferriss (2019)9.

The 7-Day Program to Get Your Business Off the Ground by Mike Capps (2019)*10.

The 11-Day Plan to Build Your Business by Eric Meyer (2019*)

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