What business books to read when you’re looking for business advice

Business books are a great way to make friends and learn from colleagues, so it’s good to know what business books are out there.

Here’s our picks.


The Business Guide (Simon & Schuster) by Bill Gates This book is packed with business advice from the world’s most famous tech gurus.

The book is also packed with useful facts about a wide range of business issues.


The Outsider’s Guide to Business (John Wiley & Sons) by Robert Samuelson The Outsiders’ Guide to Entrepreneurship is packed full of useful business advice, and it’s available for free download.

It’s a good read for those with limited or no business knowledge, or those with a keen interest in the world of entrepreneurship.


The New York Times Bestseller List by Robert Putnam & Co. The NYT Bestseller list is one of the most popular source of business advice in the business world, with over 4 million copies sold since its publication in 1987.

There’s also an in-depth look at the economics of book publishing, the importance of social media and how to sell your book.


The Bestseller Guide to Books by Amazon (Amazon) This is another book that has an in depth look at how to market your book, and how it’s likely to sell.


The Secrets of Selling by Daniel Gerson This book tells the secrets of selling a book.

You’ll find out how to pitch a book to potential readers and to potential customers, how to negotiate a contract and how much to charge for your book (for example, $25 for 500,000 words, $50 for 1000,000 or $60 for 5000).


The Entrepreneur’s Business Handbook (Simon, Schuster & Co) by Mark Cuban This book has a lot of good business advice for entrepreneurs, from how to launch your first business, to how to start a small business.


The Essential Business Book by Dan Pink (Simon) Dan Pink is a very good business book that will give you the best insight into how to run your business successfully.


The Lean Startup by John Cook This is a great book for the business and the life of a startup entrepreneur, which is what I did for almost 20 years.


Business Secrets by John Gribbin This is the ultimate business book on how to build a successful business and how you should build it. 10.

The Art of the Sales Pitch by John Mueller (Simon and Schuster, £40.99) John Mueller’s book is a must-have for anyone looking to get their first job.


The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs by Steve Jobs This book offers the best advice on how entrepreneurs should start their businesses.


The Success Story of David Hockenberry (John Lewis) This book teaches you how to get your first job as a writer and entrepreneur.


The Four-Hour Workweek: The Secret to Getting More Done by Dan Ariely (Simon&Schuster) This was the first book to give an introduction to the science of multitasking and is available for £15.99.


How to Win Friends and Influence People: A Revolutionary Approach to Happiness by Steve Krug (Simon Publishers) A brilliant book that helps you find and connect with new friends, and can be purchased in the UK for £16.99, or in the US for $22.99 by Penguin Random House.


The Power of Habit by James Rippetoe This book gives you the power to make lasting changes to your lifestyle and make you more productive.


How To Start a Business (Penguin) This excellent book by Daniel Pink shows you how you can start a business, and is also available for a limited time for £18.99 in the USA.


The 10-Day Rule by David Karp (Pantheon) This can be the perfect guide for anyone starting a business.

It will give your business an identity and set you on the right path.


How Businesses Work: The Power Inside the World of Business by Steve Blank (Simon Publishing Group) This great book has all the key principles of a business including how to be profitable and how people relate to your business.


The Ultimate Guide to Marketing by Dan Goleman (Prestige) This incredible book will give the ultimate marketing strategy to anyone who wants to be successful.


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Maraboli This book will teach you how people who are highly effective will live and be happy.


The Secret of Marketing by Bruce Weber (Simon Books) Bruce Weber is a successful motivational speaker and motivational speaker, and his books are available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.


The 7 Habits That Will Make You Successful by David Shaw This book shows you the 7 habits of highly successful people, and shows you that you can be successful in any

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