The best TV shows of 2018

TV shows have never been more popular than they are right now.

It’s easy to forget that before the boom, when TV was a little more of a niche phenomenon, the average American household had just one TV in their home.

So, the idea that the average TV owner could watch a handful of shows in the evening, even on a lazy Sunday, seemed quite appealing.

TV shows are great for the brain and body.

And while we’ve come a long way, we still don’t fully understand how the brain works, how the body works, and how TV helps us keep up with the world around us.

So let’s get started with the 10 best TV show of 2018.


The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 7: A new case opens in Philadelphia.

We find out what happened to a missing man, the new case is out to kill everyone in the world.

The Blacklist is an excellent show that doesn’t just tell a story about what happened.

It tells a story of the human spirit.

The characters on The BlackList are all real, they all struggle, they’re all good.

They all get a chance to feel the world, to feel each other, to get their lives back together, to see each other again.

The show is dark and cynical.

It also has one of the best dialogue scenes in TV history.

Watch The Black List Season 2 Episode 7 for yourself here.


The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 12: The zombies are back.

We meet new survivors, see the new world, and learn a little about the history of zombies.

When the zombies first invaded the world in the second season of The Walking Out, they were mostly zombies.

The survivors of the zombie apocalypse weren’t even the first to get into the woods, the first ones to be bitten by a zombie were the survivors of a previous outbreak, and the survivors were the first survivors to fight back.

They were the ones who had survived the apocalypse before everyone else.

This was a time when we were afraid of being bitten, but now we are very afraid of dying.

This is a great episode because it makes the world feel alive and it makes you care for the survivors.

Watch the first episode of The Waking Dead season 5 episode 12 for yourself right here.


Daredevil: Season 1, Episode 17: This is the second episode of the second series of Daredevil, which is a show about superheroes.

The second episode is one of my favorite episodes of the show because it shows us the world of Daredevil.

It starts off with the introduction of the Defenders, a group of young superheroes that are supposed to fight crime but they get sucked into the world and the world becomes their prison.

It then goes through flashbacks and we learn the origin of Jessica Jones, who was introduced in the first season of Daredevil but was a side character for the first half of the season.

Jessica Jones is a strong character.

She’s a woman who can fight crime and she’s not afraid to use her fists.

She has a great sense of justice.

She is a very smart woman, she has a lot of empathy.

She also has a very complex and complex relationship with her father, Elektra.

She goes into this prison and she starts to feel a connection with the people who are being held there.

She doesn’t like what she sees.

The first episode is a fun one.

It makes you feel like the world is a place where we can go to have fun, to be free, and that’s great because we don’t really get the whole story of Daredevil at the end of season one.

We get the end, and it is very interesting and very shocking.

It was a very emotional and emotional finale, but it was also one of Daredevil’s strongest episodes.

Watch Daredevil season 1 Episode 17 for yourself now.


The Flash: Season 3, Episode 4: The Flash has always been one of TV’s most entertaining superhero shows.

It always feels like it’s just going to get more interesting.

It has great writers and great actors.

But this season, it’s really got to the point where it’s about to make you want to watch it more.

If you haven’t watched the first two seasons of The Flash, you should.

The entire season is a little confusing, but that’s just the nature of a superhero show.

They have to keep things fresh.

They don’t want to just keep repeating themselves.

The writers of The Arrow and The Flash also do a good job keeping things fresh, and this season they did just that.

The best part is that they didn’t even need to try to explain things, just let it all unfold for you.

Watch Flash season 3 Episode 4 for yourself below.


Arrow: Season 4, Episode 10: We have a new villain in the Arrowverse, The Black Canary.

We have an Arrow who has the ability to bend the world to her will.

We know she’s going to use this to take over the

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