How to write business books on the NFL’s dime

Business books are not just for the pros.

They’re also good for a lot of people.

The NFL is on pace to have the highest per-game book sales of any professional sports league in the world, and it’s also getting more books published every year.

The problem is, most of those books don’t sell.

“If you’re a sports writer, if you’re not a writer, you’re really not reading enough books about the business,” said James W. Campbell, a professor of business at George Mason University and a former owner of Sports Illustrated.

That’s partly because the business world has become saturated with book sales and, in the long run, less value is added to a business.

The Business Insider book club is here to help.

We’re giving away our favorite business books for a chance to win $100 cash and a signed copy of our new book, “The Business of Football: The Inside Story of the NFL and the NFL Players Association.”

The book is available in the Kindle store, and you can read about it here.

The best way to find out more is to sign up for the newsletter below and enter the word “books” in the box.

You’ll be entered to win at random.

Thanks for signing up!

We’ll be picking three winners at random, with the winner getting $100.

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