Why it is a bad idea to read the Bible online

If you are a parent and you have kids in the house, you are probably thinking about how to read it. 

What about those who are on vacation, on the move, or at home? 

For the latter group, there is a growing body of evidence that reading the Bible at home is no longer the most effective way to learn about God and his Word. 

There are many books and websites that teach you to read Scripture in different ways, and these books may contain important information, but reading the word of God in this way often leads to false conclusions. 

For instance, one of the best-selling books in the Bible is Matthew 7:12-14: “Therefore, if your brother sins, rebuke him; if your mother sins, divorce her. 

If you have a friend who has sinned, rebuke them; if a neighbor has sinened, rebuke his father and mother. 

But if someone sins against you, go to him and say, ‘Rabbi, you know my sins.’

If he hears you, he forgives you.” 

What does this have to do with Bible study? 

Well, if you are reading a book and you see that the text has something to do at the end, it may be because the text ends with a preposition, such as “but,” “but you,” “now,” or “now.” 

The idea is that you need to think about the next clause in the preposition. 

In fact, this is a common mistake that students make. 

They use the prepositions “but” and “butting,” “then” and the like to indicate that the next step should be taken in a different way. 

The Bible doesn’t tell us that the same steps need to be taken when the next preposition is “but.” 

Instead, the word “butt” indicates that the second step is going to be different from the first, while “butts” indicates it should be similar to the first. 

A word that indicates that you should go the next logical step or change the order of the steps is called a prepositional phrase. 

When we use the word but to indicate a change in order, we are actually saying “this is what I am going to do.” 

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. 

To do it properly, we need to know what the word means. 

Now, we may be tempted to think that because we are using “butterfly” in a preamble to show that there are other steps that need to happen before we can move forward, we should just use “buts.” 

But “butthole” is a pre-amble word that means to “tend to.” 

Therefore, the way that we use it in Matthew 7 is actually saying, “But this is the next thing that we need.” 

So, instead of saying, “I will take the next one, then,” we should be saying, “…this is the last thing I need.”

In other words, the Bible says, This is the way to do it.

 So, here is what we need:  1.

The preposition “but”-We are talking about when you want to say, “This is what is wrong.” 

We want to talk about the first thing that you want, the most important thing that needs to happen. 

We need to tell you that this is what you need. 

“This is wrong” means that something is wrong with your relationship. 

You need to take action to fix this. 

It is not going to happen overnight, but this is when you need this advice. 


The phrase “but-t”-The phrase “butt” indicates the same thing. 

This means that you are saying, You are going to fix it now. 


The second clause in a sentence, the pre-position, “but:” In this case, we want to tell the reader that you will do something that will make this change. 


The sentence before a preverb, the conjunction “but”: In addition to saying “I want to do this, so that,” you are also saying, I will do it for you. 


The first clause in your sentence: The sentence after a preterite, the phrase “then:” This will be the next time you will want to use this phrase.

 These five rules help you get things done. 

Let’s look at some examples of Bible prepositives that help us get things going. 

1) The pre-positional “but, then:” The phrase is used to indicate something that needs attention. 

Instead of saying that I will go to the store, you should say, I’ll go to work. 

Because it is

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