‘The Business of Being a Business Person’: A Journey Through the Mind of An Entrepreneur

A businessman, in this book, goes from being a regular person to an entrepreneur.

It is the story of a man who wants to be a business person, and then decides to become one, and the results are remarkable.

This is a unique account of the transformation of a humble farmer to a business leader.

A few years ago, when the author was in the process of developing the book, his father, a farmer, had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

A book on the subject would have been too painful to publish, but he died on April 10, 2021.

The book was not meant to be published until 2019, but the publisher, Ankh-Morpork Books, decided to put the book up on sale in late October 2021.

This book, the first of its kind, tells the story through the eyes of the author’s father, who, along with his wife and three daughters, had just returned from their honeymoon.

This author’s journey was very difficult and it was a journey of a lifetime.

It took him years to come to terms with his own mortality and to understand the true nature of death and deathly illness.

The title of the book comes from the word ‘bargain’, which means ‘a promise or a bargain’.

But the author, who is a farmer and not a businessman, never thought of selling the book to a publisher for a mere few dollars.

He thought that it would be an interesting journey and, even though he had not read about it before, he thought it was worth pursuing.

The author’s mother was also a farmer herself, so she understood that this story was worth sharing with the readers.

The publisher was delighted to see that the book was sold out, and so he was delighted when the book came back in stock on April 13, 2021, with a price tag of Rs 20,000.

It was sold by Ankh Mala Publishing Company and was made available on the website of the Ankh Foundation, which is dedicated to education and training.

A unique story of the life of a farmer who decided to become a business owner Source: Ankh Morpork Book Publisher: Ansh Mala Publishers Country of origin: India

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