New book about monkey business, business and politics is a hit with readers

A new book about the business world, the monkey business and political world has made a splash in the book publishing world.

The book, Monkey Business: How the World Made Money, by journalist Michael Sorkin, has already been named one of the most successful books of the year by Amazon.

It has sold more than 150,000 copies.

“This is one of those books that I could not have been more excited about, and I have been doing a lot of writing for The New York Times, the New Yorker and others,” Sorkins book sales manager, Jeff Strain said.

Sorkins latest book is about the monkey businesses and the people behind them.

The book tells the story of the monkey trade, the role of businessmen and how they are doing business.

“In his world, monkeys are not just animals, they are people, too,” Siskins book title Monkey Business reads.

“The monkey business is not just a business, it is a movement.

It is a revolution.

It challenges us to look beyond the borders of our own country, beyond the boundaries of our individual lives.”

Sorkin also writes about politics and social issues.

“Politicians and their friends are not monkeys, they’re people.

It’s not just that they make deals with people.

They make deals in their own interests,” Sussins book reads.

In addition to selling more than 100,000 copy, the book is also getting rave reviews from Amazon reviewers.

“I found Monkey Business to be a powerful and timely book.

It delves into the very real problems faced by the world’s businesses.

This is the story behind the world, and the solutions are obvious.

Sorkini is a master at writing about what’s going on in his own world and making the reader care about the issues he tackles,” Amazon reviewer, Tom Smeeding, wrote in a review.”

Sorkini also delivers an insightful and entertaining portrait of the world of business.

His book has received rave reviews and is well worth the read,” Amazon reviewers said.

The New York City chapter of the New York Public Library has a collection of the book.

Sinkis book also was named the best book of 2016 by Amazon by readers of the Amazon Bestseller list.

Sinkis is a fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he has worked for 35 years.

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