Which books should you buy in your first year?

Business consulting is one of the most sought after careers and there are plenty of books to help you get started.

Here are some of the best options.1.

Business Consulting by Richard Branson2.

The Art of Business by Mark Cuban3.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Richard Simmons4.

The Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Richard Baron5.

The Mind of a Leader by Daniel Goleman6.

The Power of Thinking Small by Gary Vaynerchuk7.

The Five Elements of Success by Daniel Kahneman8.

How To Become a Master of Your Business by Tony Robbins9.

5 Habits for Creating a Successful Company by Michael Dell10.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Daniel Boorstein11.

The 6-Step Program for Getting Things Done by Steve Jobs12.

How Do You Know If Your Company Is Doing What You Want It to Do?

by Steve Blank13.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pursuit of Happiness by Mark Sisson14.

7 Secrets to Getting Results in Your Business: 7 Secrets from a Success Story by Dan Gilbert15.

10 Steps to Getting Better Results by Brad Feld16.

How We Can All Make the Most of Our Time: 8 Simple Ways to Get More Done by Paul Graham17.

How the Internet Can Change Your Life: 9 Ways to Live the New Millennium by Steve Case18.

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Leaders by Dan Simmons19.

The 10 Secrets of Highly Productive People by Peter Drucker20.

The Essential Richard Brings You The Power To Change The World by David Ogilvy21.

How You Can Start a Business From Scratch by Bill Gates22.

7 Strategies To Get More Than 100 Million People Talking About You by Daniel Pink23.

The Secret to Success by Richard Myers24.

How Does Your Productivity Affect Your Business?

by Pauling25.

What Does It Take To Be Successful in Your Career?

by Peter Thiel26.

7 Habit-Specific Secrets to Create a Success Plan in Your First Year by Dan Pfeiffer27.

How Should You Learn How to Be Successfully Organized in Your Life?

by Michael Cimino28.

The Definitive Guide to Getting More Done In Your Life by Steve Ballmer29.

How Not to Get Fired by Dan Pink30.

How A Successful Startup Works by Richard Bachman31.

10 Habits For Successful Leadership by Daniel Ochoa32.

7 Essential Resources For Startups and Entrepreneurs by Dan Kress33.

How How to Build a Life That is Full of Love and Meaning by Paul Allen34.

How Can You Learn to Love Yourself and Others by James Ritter35.

The Complete Guide to Happiness by Brian Tracy36.

How Are People Influenced by the Media?

by Jonathan Weisman37.

7 Steps to a Life of Happiness By Robert Higgs38.

7 Mindful Habits to Build Meaningful Relationships by Dan Richman39.

How and Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself a Leader and Start Doing What Matters to You by Michael Pollan40.

The 5-Hour Workweek: How to Get Results in Less Time by Tom Brady41.

The 9 Habits You Need to Become an Effective Entrepreneur by Tom Robbins42.

How Entrepreneurship Can Help You Grow Your Business and Gain a Competitive Edge by David Sacks43.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Meaningful Relationship by Dan Cohen44.

The World of Business: How You can Become the World at Your Finest by Tim Ferriss45.

The Million Dollar List by Peter Schmitt46.

How Your Mind Can Make the World a Better Place by Tony Schwartz47.

The Secrets of an Expert by Tim Ferris48.

What You Need To Know About Your Personality to Achieve Success in Business by Daniel Hardt49.

The 12-Hour Energy Solution by James Anderson50.

The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Entrepreneur and How I Turned Them Into Lessons to Be Saved by Ryan Holiday51.

The Truth About the 12-hour Energy Solution: How I Stopped Worry, Had an Incredible Year and Got Paid to Do So by Dan Deluca52.

The Business Secrets of Success: 10 Ways to Create Your Own Superhero by John D. Gottman53.

The Perfect Business Career by David Mackintosh54.

How It’s Done: The Secrets to Success in the Big and Small Businesses by Scott Aaronson55.

The Science of Success in Your Work Life by David Coe56.

10 Lessons in Building Your Business that Will Change Your World by Dan Coppola57.

The 3-Day Business Plan by Paul Ryan58.

The 2-Day Work-Life Balance by John Hager59.

The 4-Hour Body by Dave Ramsey60.

The Simple Ways You Can Get Better at Your Business Skills by Eric Lander61.

The 8-Hour Business Plan for Entreprene

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