‘We are living in the most interesting time of our lives’: Bookseller says her readers are ‘not just excited about Brexit’

A bookseller in London who was criticised for not mentioning the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has responded with her first book, with its own bookish twist.

Sarah McLean’s debut, My Brexit, includes a foreword by Brexit campaigner Nick Clegg.

Ms McLean said the book was about people who had grown up in different times and different parts of the country and had been shocked by the UKs sudden departure from the EU.

She said the Brexit debate had not only shaken the world, but also opened the door to more dialogue about how the world could move forward.

“I think it’s important that people see that there is no place for fear and uncertainty,” she said.

“People have been living in this moment for so long, and they have to be able to go back to that moment and be comfortable in the new reality.”

The book is available on Amazon.

Ms MacLean is also planning to launch a series of short stories and short novels.

Her latest book, My First Year in London, is due out on March 23.

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